7 Floral Perfumes for Spring

With the imminence of spring in the southern hemisphere, I thought it would be appropriate to create a list of some favourite floral perfumes you’ll love to have wafting around you as the weather warms.

Carnal Flower – Frederic Malle

This is well known as one of the great seductive florals, and often gets called things like ‘the ultimate tuberose perfume’. It realistically captures the intensity and seductive scent of the infamous tuberose, considered in the past to smell so good it would lead young people astray. Because of this, priests often banned growing it near their parishes. The carnal nature of the tuberose lives on in this perfume.

Narcotic Venus – Nasomatto

This is another beautiful (and expensive) tuberose perfume. It doesn’t quite share Carnal Flower’s near-photorealistic depiction of the flower; nonetheless, it does offer a lovely rendition. Like many well-crafted heavy florals, this is unique and unforgettable.

White Sandalwood – Goldfield & Banks

Though this sandalwood perfume isn’t strictly floral, it contains a very well-placed rose note that I quite enjoy. White Sandalwood manages to be both cosy and uplifting, and is perfect for spring. In the interest of full disclosure, I do work in marketing at Goldfield & Banks, but the reason I applied in the first place is that some of my all-time favourite perfumes are in their (well, our) collection. And there is of course a hearty dose of patriotism too.

Light Blue – Dolce & Gabbana

One of my favourite light feminine scents, though not one with particularly prominent floral notes. It’s great for daytime wear, but has enough musk and amber in the base that you could spray something else on top of it as dusk settles. The longevity of this on skin will surprise you.

Tobacco Rose – Papillon

Sometimes I watch a film or TV show (or read a book) while wearing a particular fragrance. It helps me remember the smell by creating an emotional context for it (see this Harvard Gazette article), while also adding an extra layer to the viewing experience. Probably my best pairing so far was the series Looking for Alaska (yes, the book was better) and Papillon’s Tobacco Rose (which has no tobacco note, despite the name). If you aren’t ready to welcome the warm weather quite yet, perhaps this is the spring scent for you.

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold – Jo Malone

I spent a few formative years in Nepal as a child, and developed a palate for the country’s smells. Among the more pleasant ones is marigold, a flower often used at religious festivals and weddings. Its scent is so cheerful, which makes this pairing with heady Indian jasmine quite surprising and impressive.

Eau de Narcisse Bleu – Hermès

There is only one true floral fragrance that I frequently wear: Hermès’ Eau de Narcisse Bleu. It’s a rather toned-down fragrance considering the key flower’s name (narcissus), and if anything is more subtle (and perhaps melancholy) than it is entitled and self-interested. It’s perfect for most settings, and is the most unisex fragrance on this list.

Whatever your olfactory taste, at least one of these should capture your interest. Happy sniffing!

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